Our Story

  When we decided to start this business we wanted to have a shop no one else had. We wanted to have excellent customer service so when customers were done with their purchase they would feel confident and excited about it.

  We started this as friends and we want to extend that friendship to everyone that walks through our doors. We got together and devised a plan to build our business around family values, friendship, trust, and most of all integrity. We have been building our business with this in mind and have stuck with our values.

  We have more than 30 years in wheeling and 4x4 experience. We love to off road and meet new people and learning of new places and things we have not seen or heard of.

  The business started out in a single garage then moved to our location off 122nd and now our showroom is off Broadway extension. With hard work and strong values we have occaplished a great deal in our 4 years of business. We try and build what you the customer wants. Should you decide to do business with us we really  appreciate it and hope your experience is enjoyable.

Thank You,

Michael Dobbs President

Rob Young Vice President