Our Story

  When we decided to start Offroad Addiction we want a company that was different than the average business. We wanted to form long lasting business relationships. We wanted to give our customers an experience that they would enjoy by building their dreams.

  We understand vehicles are an extension of our customers personalities, and we want their vehicle to express that with quality and performance. 

  Michael and Rob have worked hard to bring this company to where it is, offering customer the detail and service that their hard earned money deserves. We are not above approach and make it our resposiblity to take care of each customer.

  Michael has 20 years in sales, business development and offroading, his goal is to build a business that not only he can be proud of but that his customers will be proud to say they did business with.

 Rob has 20 years of experience in the automotive business, building 4x4 vehicles and fabrication. His goal is to have a 4x4 shop that is at the top of the industry and people travel to use because they know they are getting top quality work.

  Our employees are the best in the business and take lots of pride in their work. 

Thank You,

Michael Dobbs President

Rob Young Vice President